The 2020 Iona trip page is up! Click on the link at the top of the page – UNCOVERING THE WILD HEART – to take you to all the good info. See you there!

Restoration of our deepest self comes when we allow ourselves to immerse in our story and all that it has to teach us. This site has many readings on various topics, all with the intent to touch a part of life so that we can see more fully what is going on inside.

Relax, Restore and Revitalize

Relax, enjoy a warm beverage and wander through the pages engaging with what draws you. Come back often as it grows and grows!

Revitalize with events, workshops, sacred journeys and more. We all need time to get-away. This site will let you know upcoming events that you can attend to nurture your mind, body and soul.


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You are Whole

A reminder for the middle of your week. Regardless of the tears you may hide, the pain you experience, the mounds of questions, and piles of grief, you are whole. Shame separates you from seeing your wholeness. As you remove this obstacle, your path becomes clear and wholeness shows its presence. It is the shame … Continue reading You are Whole

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