UNCOVERING THE WILD HEART: Dare to Discover your Wise and Brilliant Self on the Mystical Isle of Iona

Iona, Scotland


June 29 – July 8, 2022

If you are tired of listening to the internal task master, feeling the pressure of your to-do list with nothing left for you, come away to reclaim the creative, intuitive and energetic part of you and design your life anew: body, mind and spirit.

On the walk to Columba’s Bay we journey across the Machair (grassy plain) and The Bay at the Back of the Ocean.

The isle of Iona is small, and mighty. It is 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. It is made from Lewisian Gneiss, noted as some of the oldest rock in the world. 3 billion years old! Iona is known as a “Thin Place,” where it is said that the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin. Iona has drawn pilgrims since the 7th century.

Come away, rest, restore and re-connect with your inner sanctuary, your authentic voice. You will explore how to return balance to life, consider what obstacles get in the way of staying centered and re-discover ancient practices to use to redesign the life you want.

In the Celtic tradition, redemption is a journey of being re-connected to the Light within. It is a journey home that takes us through what feels like an unknown land.

Through the heather…

Tired at the end of the day? No extra energy to do what nurtures your soul? How would it feel to have energy for the things most important to you?

On this retreat, through solo time and journaling exercises you will discover the aspects of life that drain your spirit’s vitality, and exchange them for what heals to your heart, so that you can make revitalizing life choices.

“…it is about a road which begins many miles before I could come on its traces and ends miles beyond where I had to stop.” ~Edward Thomas, (1913)

Run out of time at the end of the day with all the things you want to accomplish? What if you went to bed at night with a sense of accomplishment aligned with your priorities?

Loch Stanoig

While on the island through a series of nature-based activities, you will be able to create space for your priorities so that ‘your doing’ and ‘your being’ syncs together for a sense of energy and well-being.

Do you expect more out of yourself than you do from others? What if you were able to learn and practice skills that would ease self-expectations and open your creativity?

Together, we will discover practical skills like mindful meditation or Tai Chi to calm your busy mind and open you up to a new sense of wonder and to your creative spirit.

Have you noticed internal shifts you keep quiet because you are worried about what your friends and family would think if they knew?

What if you met a tribe of people on a similar journey with whom you could share doubts and questions without worry of what they might think?

While we are together, you will meet a community of people on a similar journey with whom you can share doubts and question, so that you do not feel alone on this path.

Do you worry about things and have a hard time relaxing into letting go? Can you imagine learning new skills that would allow you to let go of worry and ease into life with more grace?

With others in your group you will learn new skills such as shame resilience to let go of worry and ease yourself through life with greater grace and self compassion. 

With all the changes in life, ever wonder where life is taking you? Would you love to set aside time, just for you to get to explore the deeper parts of you and create a path forward full of what you love best? 

On the island you will have lots time: to be alone and in small and large groups, to explore you, so that you can return home with a renewed sense of your path and a tribe that has your back.


We will be staying at the lovely Argyll Hotel on Iona. Glasgow hotel will be announced at a later date

Quaint, lovely…. The staff? They take care of us like family.

If you would:

  • Like to unwind in the wild and beautiful Western Hebrides.
  • Like time to wander island paths and catch up with yourself.
  • Want to discover the past, both yours and the islands.

Then this trip is for you!

Contact: andrea@andreatatley.com

Did I mention the food is amazing? Oh….and the ice cream from Mull? Oh my….
The front of the Argyll, a perfect place for afternoon tea and scone.


June 29 – Arrival in Glasgow, Scotland – Overnight

June 30 – Depart Glasgow, Train, Ferry and Bus to Iona, Overnight on Iona

During these days we will hike through heather to Columba’s Bay, collect marble, climb the hill of Dun I for a spectacular view, meditate on the Northern Beach, experience the nearly 1500 year old Abbey, explore the ruins of the Nunnery, attend (and dance!) at a cèilidh, check out the Well of Eternal Youth, watch amazing sunsets at the Bay at the Back of the Ocean, eat delicious food, meet incredible people, get to know ourselves more deeply and enjoy the presence of each other.

July 6 – Depart Iona for Glasgow, Overnight in Glasgow

July 8 – After spending two glorious nights in Glasgow, you can fly home or to parts yet unknown!

This is the itinerary as we know it today, of course, there may be slight changes.

I am a writer, photographer, spiritual therapist and coach. For me, restoration includes practices such as travel, being outdoors, gardening and climbing around the boulders on the north shore of Lake Superior. My work is focused on nature-based therapy as it integrates with spirituality and includes the sacred creative, mindfulness and their impact on lowering anxiety and stress while increasing resiliency. Hope you find a home here where you can restore your soul and build your own resiliency. Join me on this trip to mystical Iona. Rest, Restore and Reclaim your Authentic Voice

The White Strand of the Monks Beach, Iona

Come Away, Relax, Restore

What is included:

  • Pre-Trip Preparation Call
  • Rich and meaningful opening and closing group ceremony
  • 5 sessions, small and large group with Andrea
  • Glasgow hotel accommodations.
  • Boutique Accommodations on Iona.
  • Transportation from Glasgow Train station to Iona, R/T, via train and bus
  • Delicious (and beautiful! )breakfast and dinner on Iona.

What is NOT included: (you are responsible)

  • Transportation from your home to the Glasgow hotel (air, taxi, bus, airport transfers)
  • A day trip and transportation to the island of the Isle of Erraid (optional)
  • Insurance to cover you, (personal) medical, dental, life or travelers insurance (recommended) Trip cancellation insurance is always a good thing!
  • Daily Lunches or meals in Glasgow.
  • Transportation to any sightseeing outside of the itinerary events. (Day trip to Staffa not included.)
  • There is definitely great whisky in Scotland that you should try! It just isn’t included in the price.
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry and bell staff.

Cost: $2997 Per Person. To Book, contact me at andrea@andreatatley.com

Since this is a small, intimate group size, reserve your spot with a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. No refunds for cancellations after 3/1/2022. Payment of $500 is due 10/1/21, 11/1/21, 1/1/22, 3/1/22, 5/1/22.

“Light is the secret presence of the divine.” ~ John R. Finch

Book Now. Contact Andrea: andrea@andreatatley.com