Our Iona trip has been rescheduled for 2021. New dates will be available soon. We will have additional rooms available for you to join us!

Restoration of our deepest self comes when we allow ourselves to immerse in our story and all that it has to teach us. This site has many readings on various topics, all with the intent to touch a part of life so that we can see more fully what is going on inside.

Relax, Restore and Revitalize

Relax, enjoy a warm beverage and wander through the pages engaging with what draws you. Come back often as it grows and grows!

Revitalize with events, workshops, sacred journeys and more. We all need time to get-away. This site will let you know upcoming events that you can attend to nurture your mind, body and soul.


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Bits of Blue

Clear night skies alive with twinkling stars, glittering planets and wondering hearts are one of my favorite things in life. They radiate hope, clarity and offer the good possibility of a beautiful blue sky once the earth shifts toward the sun’s rays. Spending time under the stars energizes my spirit, even on the morning’s I … Continue reading Bits of Blue

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