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Restoration of our deepest self comes when we allow ourselves to immerse in our story and all that it has to teach us. This site has many readings on various topics, all with the intent to touch a part of life so that we can see more fully what is going on inside.

Relax, Restore and Revitalize

Relax, enjoy a warm beverage and wander through the pages engaging with what draws you. Come back often as it grows and grows!

Revitalize with events, workshops, sacred journeys and more. We all need time to get-away. This site will let you know upcoming events that you can attend to nurture your mind, body and soul.


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Life is…

At the end of last summer, I decided to stop coloring my hair. It was a thoughtful decision. I had discussed it with my stylist, who responded, “Well, you do know you will look older, right?” Dang it. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case….  Other reasons for my switch included being increasingly mindful … Continue reading Life is…

snow, sleet, ice

The seasonal shifts of the North come with a conversation. A back and forth rhythm when temperatures vacillate from one side of zero and the other. Residents respond with their own rhythm of sweatshirts, jackets, parkas, with the final addition of thermal underwear and other such cold-surviving accessories. Spring sends this fashion into reverse. We … Continue reading snow, sleet, ice

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