I said “No” to Krista Tippett: Burnout 101   

For a few months I held tickets to see a favorite radio personality (see title for details). I watched the event day draw near on the calendar. All in all, the evening would be a win; engage an interesting topic, see friends, maybe have a glass of wine afterward. But by 4:00pm the day of … Continue reading I said “No” to Krista Tippett: Burnout 101   

Spring Expectations and Snowy Realities

Expectation: Blooming tulips, open windows and softball practice on greening grass. Reality: Single digit mornings, double digit snow shoveling and icy roads. This week’s unexpected weather has detoured us from our preferred path to warm temps and jolted us wide awake. My social media newsfeed is never more whiny than during a week like this. … Continue reading Spring Expectations and Snowy Realities