When Anger and Fear are Not Enough

Anger.  Fear. Turn on the TV, open your social media accounts. There it is, like a siren call. Daily headlines advise readers: “Don’t stop being angry!” or “If you aren’t afraid, you should be!” If the last year has not been unsettling enough, we are now confronted with political actions that up until now have … Continue reading When Anger and Fear are Not Enough

The Quiet of Epiphany

“Technology tells us who we are.  Let you tell you who you are.”             Chocolate hearts arrived on the store shelves January 2nd, Easter bunnies rest on back room pallets awaiting their turn. Sandwiched in between the turkeys and santas of 2016 and the hearts and bunnies of 2017, we find a tiny little … Continue reading The Quiet of Epiphany