Before you think, “forget it, I don’t meditate” and delete this, read on.
Meditation can be sitting cross-legged in a yoga pose with incense burning.  However it does not have to look like this.  Instead it could be:
~The intention you have as you walk in the woods and breathe fresh air, 
~The moment you stop thinking about your golf swing, and just swing, 
~You push your child in the backyard swing and listen to the giggles,
~You take a walk down the block with your dog leash in one hand and a lavender scented, bio-degradable poop bag in the other…
It can take 30 minutes, or it can take 30 seconds of stopping and taking a deep breath.  It can be incorporated in woodworking, knitting, hiking, baking, photography; the stuff of life that gives you good feelings.
Meditation is not what your body posture looks like, or what you are, or are not doing.  Meditation is what is happening in your mind.  Often when we start meditating, we think that it must look a certain way, and we should probably be doing it for 30 min.  That can be a disaster waiting to happen.  Our brains need to practice being quiet.  Thoughts crash in on a regular basis and most often we condemn ourselves because we can’t seem to keep them away.  
Thoughts don’t stop, however you CAN train yourself to pay less attention to them.  They eventually stop yelling so loudly.  It is a practice of gently bringing yourself back to that centered place. It decreases our stress level and changes our brains.
In the next weeks, we will take a look at various ways to help quiet our minds, which changes focus, increases level of resiliency and changes our epigenome.
Peace out,

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