Empathy and Self Talk

I don’t know about you, when I get busy, stressed, the phrases I use to describe myself aren’t always the most helpful.  In fact, they often add to my pain, instead of decrease it.  
“Get it together.” “Why are you feeling so stressed?”  “It isn’t your mom/dad/spouse/child laying in that bed!” “Why are you complaining?” “What is your problem?”  And the list goes on…  So many convictions aimed at our own hearts.  An indictment of our humanity, no doubt.  
Changing our thinking can be overwhelming. One thing we can do is to change our tone from criticism to empathy.  Not sympathy, empathy.  See the beautiful animated video below and listen to Brene Brown talk about just this. (2.53 min) How often do we “silver line” our own story?  
I do it all the time.
How can you show compassion to your own self through showing empathy to your own situation? 
My mind is a neighborhood I try not to go into alone.” 
Anne Lamott

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