Behind the Locked Door

  I found myself wandering in a building. While I didn’t see anyone else, I knew there were others with me. The doors appeared locked, as if I was in jail; so I stayed in this place, day after day. No one left, because we believed we couldn’t.   Have you ever had a recurring … Continue reading Behind the Locked Door

Accusation answered with defensiveness always fuels tension.

Sounds like a news headline.  Instead it is a reminder I gleaned from an argument, one brought on by pain: physical, emotional, spiritual.  I watched, I listened and as observer was able to see without a cloud of emotions dimming my view. On the surface Christine made a request to her husband Ralph. This request … Continue reading Accusation answered with defensiveness always fuels tension.


The weekend weather lent itself to two full days of working in the yard. Starting each morning, early before the heat arrived, the constant breeze enticed me to stay the day. I am most often aware of how blessed I am when in nature, and that certainly includes the yard – even with the weeds. … Continue reading Phantom

The Quiet of Epiphany

“Technology tells us who we are.  Let you tell you who you are.”             Chocolate hearts arrived on the store shelves January 2nd, Easter bunnies rest on back room pallets awaiting their turn. Sandwiched in between the turkeys and santas of 2016 and the hearts and bunnies of 2017, we find a tiny little … Continue reading The Quiet of Epiphany