Gift on 35W

When I drive back into Mn from the south, the first time I acknowledge nearing home is at the “Welcome to Minnesota” sign at the Iowa border. I think I begin to breath a bit differently. The second time is when I cross into Lakeville. To me, Lakeville along with the cityscapes of the Burnsville hill have signaled homecoming for me since 6th grade.

Today I drove home after spending a challenging few days in an intensive care unit with friends and family. Emotionally exhausted when I left for home, by the time I reached Lakeville, I was becoming physically spent as well. As I passed the sign and population of Lakeville, I knew I needed something to keep me alert. Almost as if on cue, I saw a shadow. I looked up and there was a bald eagle flying in line next to me, coaxing me onward. It was as if the eagle was the “Welcome Home, we are glad you are back” sign that I needed to finish my journey.

I never cease to be amazed at the gifts waiting for us – all over the place – in the sky, on the ground, in another person; friend or stranger. I never want to cease staying in wonder and amazement.

Now that I think about it – maybe the gift is less in the item (in this case an eagle) and more about staying in wonder and amazement of life….whatever comes our way. I like that idea….

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