Our Energy Impact

In 1996, Harvard Brain Scientist Jill Bolte Taylor experienced a stroke.  As a neuroanatomist, she realized what was happening to her body, and that this was a unique opportunity she was having – to “watch” herself experience a stroke. During the stroke event, and her eventual 6 year recovery, she learned many thing about herself and our brains which she shares in her book, “My Stroke of Insight.” While there are many amazing things she has discovered, there is one that draws me today.  
You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room. 
In the 5 minute clip (link below) Jill shares the healing energy brought into the room by her mom.  This was at a time when, because of the stroke, she didn’t know her mom, nor even “what a mother was” – yet, she experienced a loving energy, in the form of her mom. 
It is easy to go through the day thinking how we are impacted by others; how they made us feel: angry, loved, stressed, content. We have the same opportunities to choose the energy we offer to those around us. Consider this week, the energy you bring to work, home, social media, any place you frequent. May we choose the energy wisely and with intention in our conversations, our responses and in our being.
Create the week you want to experience,
See below for important links:
Clip from an interview on OWN – about 5 min.
Original TED Talk – about 18 mins.
Sacred Connections – Early Bird registration discount ends Aug. 30
“Come Home to You” Retreat/Nov. 3-5, Early Bird registration ends Aug. 30

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