“Together:” A Practice of Resiliency

The long awaited solar eclipse invited people to scatter along the “totality” path, from Oregon to Nebraska to South Carolina and as the morning turned into afternoon photos loaded our Facebook feeds.  Here in Minneapolis, a few of our team gathered for the event, climbing to the top of the parking ramp, wishing the clouds away and hoping for a good view. 
As we exited out of the building and on to the ramp roof we were greeted by more clouds than expected. We sat down waiting for the clouds to part, some with more confidence than others.  Soon another group of hopefuls arrived, and another and still more.  The excitement was electric with folks chatting and sharing NASA screenshots.  As the clouds began to part (yes, they did – sort of) we could see the 80% eclipse behind a thin wisp of clouds.  People passed eclipse glasses and pin pricked shoe boxes back and forth between other staff they had never met. “Oh my gosh!” “That’s so cool!” “Wow!”
Laughter, joy, excitement all happened amidst strangers on that cloudy eclipse day. All differences were left at the parking ramp door.  This was all about the NOW, the present moment when we were all watching for something unique and note-worthy.  We were watching in awe at something not in our control: amazing Mother Nature at work. 
Community came together that day.  In the big picture of life, it was a small moment of connection, however the common bond that people shared within that hour will always be there. We live in a world where we often feel isolated: at work, home, on the bus or in traffic.  Busy-ness creates a culture less able to really check in with each other in a deeper way than watching a social media post on your phone. Sustained community brings us together, it can heal us and bring hope if we take the time to engage.  
I recently talked to a colleague who is making a career transition.  One of the biggest concerns was: will I find community in this new place? Will there be people who I can learn to trust and will I encounter a safe place where I can truly be me?  These are questions that are important for all of us, even if we have not acknowledged them out loud to another person.
Where do you find community, a place to be you? Maybe on the golf course, or hiking? At church or coffee shop? Quilting? Pottery studio? Softball field? Is your community at work or your neighborhood?  
Consider this week: where is it that I find connection?  Connection is a strong asset when it comes to maintaining resiliency in the middle of stressful times. It can be a place that holds us up and holds us together. If a group of people does not come immediately to mind, I invite you to consider what type of community would be most helpful. If a busy schedule has been an obstacle to connecting with others, consider making a change that will allow you to open up connection with those around you. During this fall, Resiliency Revitalizers will explore the differences in various levels of connection and their benefits and challenges. Watch for it.
Create the week you want to experience,
Reminder: Early bird discount deadline for registration Sacred Connections class and Come Home to Yourself Retreat is August 30.  Contact me for reservations.

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