An Easy “Fix”

Getting swept away in the stress of the day, it is easy to forget to pause and ask our self, “Is there something I can do differently to make my day better?” Believing we have to “just deal with” whatever comes, the discomfort can grow as the day creeps along. Some days are an invitation to practice navigating the unavoidable stress and other days relief can come easily with a shift. Such a shift happened to me this week.

Having led a retreat with amazing women this last weekend, I admittedly ate fantastic food as part of celebration and community. I also had NOT eaten a massive amount of goodies. So when I put on my dress pants on Monday morning, I was confused why the pants that had fit me so well last week felt so small this week. Had they shrunk a bit in the dryer? Perhaps. If so, that is no problem, they would stretch out by the time I get to work, right? Except they didn’t. They remained very uncomfortable the rest of the work day, and the dilemma took up space in my body and my brain.

As I readied to catch the bus home I finally realized what had happened to mess with my day. My pants were on backwards. The ENTIRE day. Can you believe it? In my defense, it was dark when I dressed and there is no identifying difference between the front and the back…anyway…that was the cause of my discomfort. Palm on face.

All this silliness to say this, there are days where something gets stuck in our craw and a relatively simple adjustment can be made resulting in a changed day and, of course, lower stress. So, what gets stuck in your craw? When you get caught in discomfort, ask yourself, “Is there something I can do differently that could make my day better?” You may be surprised to find a simple action that will change your day.

Create the day you want to experience,


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