A Canopy of Trees

Rain was due, so I grabbed my backpack, loaded it with a few essentials and took off to hike. I had new gear, and wondered how it would fair in inclement weather. Since it was expected to be a damp day, It was sure to be a perfect opportunity test things out. I made ready, jumped into my car Fiona, and drove in pouring rain all the way to the trail. The Doppler had promised no more morning rain in the area, however, by the time I got to the trail head, a few droplets had become a steady rain.

Walking out in the woods always helps me clear my head, reflect and just “be.” This morning offered time to ponder responses to last week’s story of “Six Words.” I was reminded of a particular reader words, “I don’t feel alone anymore.” What a beautiful statement revealing the depth of what we can be for each other. To realize we are truly not alone, that we are in this human experience of stress and resiliency together, offers a moment to release a therapeutic sigh of relief. There are days we wonder how we will get through as they sail by in a flurry of activity, and others that offer grace, peace and another step toward healing. Life reminds of our humanity. Tribe is a reminder that while we are in this experience of life – together – we are not alone.

Tribe members do not need to have similar beliefs, or even values, however they are people who support us. Together we laugh, cry, learn to tell our stories to each other, sharing hopes and dreams. We all have moments of insecurity and courage, of pain and joy, discouragement and hope. Some days we try to keep it together and feel broken, other days we carry a healing word of grace for another or for our own deep self.

As I walked in and out of the canopy of trees this morning, I noticed while I was out in the open, the rain was more difficult to endure. In the downpour my vision was compromised, my footing less secure and more energy spent just to stay upright. However the moment I walked under the tree canopy, the surrounding leaves took the brunt of the pelting rain, slowing the drops, allowing them to land gently on me. I could enjoy the rain, which in turn gave me moments to see things I didn’t have capacity to see when I was out in the open getting assailed. Same rain, different experience.

We can be the canopy for each other.

This week consider who is a sheltering tree for you. For whom are you a canopy? The support system we have increases our capacity for resiliency. Use this writing to open up conversation. Listen for the similar experience of humanity. It is there, waiting to be heard.

Create your weekend with intention,

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