The Unexpected Effect of Fog

The phrase “the fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife” never felt as true as this morning. I don’t recall walking in fog so dense I could feel the “push” of droplets on my face. My head lamp highlighted the sparkling mist dancing gracefully in the air. I could feel its gentle fingers surround me, touching my arms, and moving around my back to engulf me in a morning embrace. 

For all its wonder and grace, I have mixed emotions about fog. It really depends on the context (as is true for some many things in life). Outside of the potential harm to life and limb when driving, fog is actually a pretty amazing atmospheric phenomenon. Admittedly, I do not always experience it in that way. I have white knuckled my way home more times than I can count; in darkness, when vision allowed me to see only a few yards in front of me. Yet, when I walk down my gravel road with dogs in tow, the invitation fog offers is mystical, imaginative, and beautiful. The difference of experience lies in the context I create. 

When I drive, I imagine a car or deer bolting out in front of me, smashing my vehicle. Other times it is the worry (and felt pressure) that the driver behind me will think I am going too slow. (I know, insert eye roll here) Bottom line: it is the fear of the unknown that rattles me. That same “unknown” is also the invitation to me on the dirt road, where my mindset is one of curiosity and wonder. One situation leaves me exhausted, the other offers me energy and vibrancy. 

These days I hear people say we humans are nearing the end of our ability to manage all that is happening on earth. Others say that what has always been, is being revealed, offering an opportunity to change, to shift. Both are visions of the future: the unknown. One is scary, the other full of hope (and hard work). We choose from which foggy scenario we want to live. 

In all that surrounds you during this next week, pay attention to the mindset you carry as you stand in this very foggy place. We have an opportunity to choose the scenario we live within. Even though the fog blanket is heavy at this time, what choice could you make to move through it with energy, hope and wonder? 

Create the experience you want to have,


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