The Last Lilacs

This month we are going to take a look at how our natural world impacts our resiliency. Here in the North, it is lilac season, which is one of my favorite weeks of the year. If you live in the city, you are seeing the end, but out in the country, where the temps stay a bit cooler, and the blooms are always a bit more behind, we are right in the middle of the beauty. The amazing fragrance wafts through my yard and swirls up and onto the deck offers a deeply a peaceful memory. For now, I breath deeply and let the intoxication revive my soul.

Lilacs have a staying power for me. They have been with me, what seems to be, all of my life. I have early memories that include the light purple to deep. Occasionally a white, or pink. When we looked for a home, oh so many years ago, Lilacs were on my list of things I wanted.

Not long ago during some Spring cleaning, I was reading through my daughters old school papers. It was a fictional piece about a child and companion who were on a cave adventure. It was intriguing, and it wasn’t until the end I realized it was the imaginative story lived by my daughter and her faithful black lab Sammy, underneath our largest lilacs. Apparently the love of lilacs has been passed down more than a few generations.

Not surprising, lilacs, otherwise known as Syringa Vulgaris, have health benefits. The oil of lilacs lower anxiety. The aromatherapy qualities include offering a calming, soothing effect on the mind. You see, plants, not only visually or aromatically increase our well-being, they can be used internally, medicinally or topically. Plants are part of nature that helps sustain us, and we, them. What fragrance nurtures you? Shamans have used plant medicine for thousands of years, in today’s culture we often forget of the healing power of plants. We could spend an entire month just talking about plants!

Is there a part of nature that has staying power for you? I would love to know. Over the next weeks we will talk about water, earth, fire and air. Send me your stories. Let’s compare our experiences!

Until the next time, I will leave you with a poem called, The Last Lilacs.

Last Lilacs

There is something about 
walking barefoot 
in high dew laden grass 
to pick the last lilacs…

When the fragrance transports you 
to carefree innocence 
when the world felt like forever 
and time, like molasses off a spoon. 

Where the daily unknowing 
lived as adventure and naivety 
skipped lightly without fear of tomorrow 
nor regret of yesterday. 

Hope lived in the lilac bush. 

When I forget to breathe.
My shoulders tight,
Body restless and 
Mind racing, I remember…

There was a day 
not long ago when 
large, hardy blossoms 
also held my tears as I wept.

Nature’s inhaler of hope
Reached into lost memories, 
Dried my tears, held my hopes, 
Healed my heart. 

Have a lovely week,

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