I Met a Crayfish Along the Way

Minnesota’s glorious North Shore. A gift known by those of us who are blessed to live in this area, and often a hidden gem to those who live elsewhere. Mother Superior is powerful, nurturing and beautiful. And, surprising. She can go from calm to powerful, seemingly peaceful to fitful in a relatively short amount of time. As always, wildlife is abundant on the North Shore. Moose and ermine, eagles and hummingbirds, all come along to teach us or deepen our love for the planet.

I met two beings this week not experienced in prior trips to Superior. The first, a crayfish. It was stuck on the beach in a fierce sequence of waves. It was tenacious. Seemingly never tiring in its endless pursuit of passing through the crashing waves and reuniting with his crawfish community. He would run down the beach toward the waves, hoping to catch then next outgoing, only to be swept back up the beach often landing on his back. Wiggling his way back to his feet, he would dash to catch the next wave. I was amazed at the tireless stick-with-it-ness of this little creature. On the other hand, it was work hard or become a lunch for a seagull…

The second siting came at the end of the week. I was sitting on a large rock, cooling my feet in the crisp waters after a sweaty hike. I sensed there would be something to see around the rock edge to the south. Assuming it was going to be a large ship (rather common on the lake) I wasn’t too interested in checking it out. However all week long I had received sacred messages to trust my inner guidance. So, I turned to the right, in time to see a momma Red-Breasted Merganser and her five tiny chicks swimming along the edge of this massively huge lake. She disappeared underwater, eventually surfacing. Then under she went again. The third time, all six disappeared down into the lake. On and on it went as the clutch learned to dive in the quiet cove of Iona beach on Lake Superior.

Tenacity and Trust. My two reminders for you this week. Be tenacious as you learn to trust your deep knowing. Stick with it. When we are not connected deeply to our own self, we are tossed around in the cultural waves and feel as if we are never grounded. Stress and the feelings of inadequacy increase. In contrast, to trust ourselves while at first may feel uncertain, with practice can become a place of stability and centeredness, even when the waves around us are fiercely crashing.

Today, find a quiet space. Stop what you are doing and listen to yourself, to that deep place where Spirit resides. What is your heart wanting you to know? Get quiet. Listen to the wisdom.

Listening with you,


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