A Note to Self

Enjoy this day, right now. The fly-by honkers, the emerging spring grass, the hungry chipmunks awakening from their winter rest. Breathe in this moment, watch the clouds move across the sky, the tips of tulips show and maple leaves tumble across the soft ground.

Enjoy this day, for today will never come again. Tomorrow will be different, with clouds and rain, or blooming flowers and budding trees. It may look a lot like today, or completely different. No one knows until we live it.

Enjoy this day. Even when there is still dog fur on the floor, and you just swept. Even when the hamburger gets bad as you ordered pizza because it was easier. Even when there is still no toilet paper at the store after three weeks, because…you are here. And for that I am grateful.

I promise to take good care of you, to feed you healthy things along with wine and chocolate, to walk with you when it is easy, and also when it is hard. I commit to watch the sun set with you and wake up to the rise for as long as I can. And on the days that are cloudy, I promise to trust in the goodness of life, and in your ability to persist.

Please remember, you are deeply loved.

Oh yes, and enjoy this day.

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