Honoring the past year, ringing in the new

Amidst the crinkled wrapping paper, icy winter streets and Russian teacake crumbs, I have been wondering how best to end this year. I am grateful for the many remarkable people who have entered my life, (many of you readers) and the lovely experiences that have graced my path. There have been moments of sadness and loss, others of joy and happiness and a few days of meh. To honor each one of these last 365 days of life, I wanted to take the time to reflect on this past year before the new one breaks through.

Author Mandy Hale offers a blessing that helps me create an intention to close out the year. I would like to share it with you as you ready yourself to ring in this new year.

“I hope you find some time this week to get really, really quiet. To curl up in a big cozy chair and watch a movie you’ve seen a million times before. To hug the people you love. To wrap up in a warm blanket and read a good book. To drink hot cocoa from a Christmas mug. To stand outside in the crisp night air and marvel at the stars.”

That‘s it.

Pay attention. Stay present. Be grateful.

Join me?

May this week be exactly what you need in body, mind and spirit.

Happy New Year to you.


One thought on “Honoring the past year, ringing in the new

  1. Hi Andrea!

    My spiritual director and I are parting ways due to some life changes, so I am very grateful you connected me to your blog. It is a wonderful spiritual resource, and I look forward to utilizing it!

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