Four Directions Reflection

Happy New Year to all!

It is the time of year for reflection and maybe a resolution or two. Recently a colleague shared with me what he and his wife use as an annual welcome to the New Year. I love it, so want to share it with you. Here are the questions based on the four geographic directions: North, South, East and West. 

North represents what brings stability and foundation to life.  What will you bring with you into 2019 (no matter what)? Is it something you learned or experienced? Or a newly discovered value?  

West represents what you want to release. Are there things no longer serving you? A habit? An item that takes up space? Perhaps even a relationship? What can you shed, give up, or leave behind?

South represents that which is life-giving.  What adds sunshine and warmth to your life? A trip to the beach is an obvious answer for those of us who live in the North. What might accompany those sandy feet and mojitos?

East represents looking forward to the future. What do you anticipate? What drives you? Excites you? Is there something you want to experience? How do you want to create your own 2019?

Find a cozy (and quiet) spot this weekend. Grab your favorite pen and journal and allow time to consider these four directions. Light a candle. Set an intention using your answers. Then find a friend or loved one and share your answers and intention. In fact, maybe you could do this entire practice with someone close to you. 

We often talk about creating the week you want. Now, I invite you to create the year that you want to experience. 

Take time.                       Slow down.                             Find your center. 

                                              Follow its direction.


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